Heidi Baker

Azusa Now: A Tipping Point for the Next Great Awakening

Azusa Now: A Tipping Point for the Next Great Awakening

Azusa Now was not just another Christian worship event. Deep wells of the Azusa Street Revival, which birthed over half a billion Christians and has spread to nearly every country in the world over the past century, were accessed on Saturday.

Ignite Azusa: Positioning for a New Jesus Revolution

We are on the verge of one of the greatest awakenings of all time. Many have prophesied about a new move of God on the horizon that far surpasses any we have ever seen. Our generation is pregnant with birthing a new Jesus Revolution and we have been given the incredible opportunity to step into something truly special in our day.

Keeping the Fire and Writing in the Glory: New Releases Igniting Fire to Burn for the One Thing

"Revival is not about manifestations or miracles; it is about the Reviver, Jesus our Savior. We only have one destination, one home, one reality, one resting place, one source, one motivation, one reward, one possession, one point of contact with God, one source of real satisfaction – and that is Jesus. We cannot overemphasize Him in any way. He is all we have and everything we need." -Rolland Baker in Keeping the Fire

Feasting on God: The Lost Art of Fasting

I want my lamp to be full of oil so that when it’s time to cast out demons, love the broken hearted, or release courage, I am ready. I want to be flooded with God’s love so much that the overflow spills out to those around me. I want to be one of the five virgins who remain ready for the arrival of the bridegroom. I want to enter into all that God has for me. It’s not about entering heaven and avoiding hell. What I am talking about is being totally possessed by the Holy Spirit and ever ready to step into the fullness of my God-given destiny. I want to be ready to advance the kingdom of God in season and out.

Positioning Ourselves to Feast upon God: Revival of the Disciplines

“The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people.” Richard Foster

God wants to free people from fear. He wants to raise up His bride to embrace all He has in this new season. One of the ways He wants to equip people to step into all that He has is to bring a resurgence of what has been overlooked, forgotten, abused, broken, misunderstood, or misappropriated. God is raising up an army of lovers who will go anywhere and do anything for him.

Bursting at the Seams: Carrying a Baby for 12 Months!!!

As I write this from Toronto, where 20 years before this date on January 20, 1984, the Toronto Blessing was birthed, and I remember the incredible breakthroughs God released for Destiny House in this very same season in 2012, I release an anointing for unprecedented breakthrough into destiny over you today. Let my story be your legacy and testimony. Allow the currents of this stream to pull you farther into your own destiny in Him. Take courage, it is time for the baby to be born.