Writing in the Glory

History in the Making at Weycroft Hall, a Revival Well in England


by Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D. (March 8-10, 2019 recap)

Encounter Night

What a special honor to be invited to Weycroft Hall, a historic place of refuge for the persecuted Lollards who were following the ways of Reformer John Wycliffe many years back. God is stirring up the waters and uncovering the stones to release a fresh move of the Spirit through this well of revival in England.

We were welcomed by such wonderful hosts and family there. The first night we did an encounter night and waited on the Holy Spirit. God entered into the space and touched hearts deeply. He stirred up greater hunger and met people where they were at. He also ignited a fresh consecration in hearts.  


Weycroft Making History by hosting the 1st Writing in the Glory Working in the U.K.

Then on Saturday, we did the first ever Writing in the Glory Workshop outside of the U.S.A.! I love that it was England who pioneered the first international workshop and broke it open for the nations to be catalyzed. This is special to me because England feels like my home away from home since living here and doing my Ph.D. several years back. It was also special that the workshop was hosted in an old well of revival. My heart loves everything about this synergy!


We also had our youngest graduate today who was 4 months old named Joshua and followed by Faith at 11 years old. If that’s not prophetic I don’t know what is!

I am excited to see what books and movements will come forth from what was released that day. It was such an honor to sow back in and invest in a land of revival that has given me so much.


BSSM Alumni Gathering

Later that day, we gathered some of the British Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry students together to connect and have time together. So special to have family around the world and see how expansive the tribe is.


Sunday Church

Sunday morning we got to minister at the service and see God move again. It felt so much like family there. Nobody trying to make anything happen or follow rules or traditions, simply a group of people gathering to encounter and know God more together.


I’m so grateful for Tim, Ruth and their incredible tribe of 7 little ones releasing revival in this nation by saying yes to the still small promptings of the Holy Spirit, Vince & Clio for welcoming us by saying “Come on in and break anything,” everyone at Weycroft Hall, and Mary T & Kelly-Joy for helping to organize such a special weekend and pour out their lives to encourage this community and sow back into their own nation. Can’t wait to come back!

You Have a Voice

by Jennifer A. Miskov, PhD., Author and Founding Director of Destiny House

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.”

Isaiah 60:1

Each of you reading this right now has something special inside of you that God has shaped, formed, and destined for you to release to the world. Your heart is valuable and precious to God. Your journey is unique. You are important and what you have to say is significant. There is great purpose in every single twist and turn in your life. Only you can release the message God is forming inside of you to the world because only you have had your specific experiences that have helped mold it.

There are people right now who are crying out to God to receive what you carry. People waiting for you to be bold and courageous to share your heart so that they can receive breakthrough. God’s story in your life is powerful to unlock doors in people’s hearts and to set them free. His faithfulness in your journey is a beacon of hope for those still in a storm.

Before you came to be, God handcrafted and knit you together in your mother’s womb. You are uniquely and wonderfully made. God understands everything about you (Psalm 139)! He is so in love with you and proud of you for always running to Him in times of trouble and in times of simply wanting to draw near.

Shame no longer has control over your life because He has ALREADY paid the price with His own precious blood to free you from its hold. It’s a done deal.  You are already free. It’s now time to walk in the truth of that reality and realize the great value God has placed on your very life by sending His only Son in exchange for your life. That’s how worth it you are to Him. The gift has already been paid for and given.

Arise and shine, you were born for such a time as this. Your voice is important and what you have to say to the world will shake nations and impact generations. The world needs to hear what’s on your heart. I need to hear what’s on your heart. I pray for the deep, intense, blue flame of God’s love to utterly consume you right now and for there to be such a burning inside that you can no longer keep it to yourself.

*I believe each person carries a message in his or her heart to release to the world. If you feel a call specifically to write (books, poems, music, etc.), I would love to help catalyze and release you into sharing your heart through this area. I want to encourage you to check out, Writing in the Glory: Living from Your Heart to Release a Book that will Impact the World, take the Writing in the Glory E-Course, join us for a live workshop, or sign up for one-on-one coaching. Blessings and fire over you today!

Finding the Gold in 2015 & Dreaming Big for 2016

I want to share an activation that has helped me process and find the gold from this past year as well as dream for the new year ahead. I pray that the Holy Spirit launches you into a greater measure of your destiny as you go along with me on this journey of giving thanks and of dreaming for the future.

Keeping the Fire and Writing in the Glory: New Releases Igniting Fire to Burn for the One Thing

"Revival is not about manifestations or miracles; it is about the Reviver, Jesus our Savior. We only have one destination, one home, one reality, one resting place, one source, one motivation, one reward, one possession, one point of contact with God, one source of real satisfaction – and that is Jesus. We cannot overemphasize Him in any way. He is all we have and everything we need." -Rolland Baker in Keeping the Fire