“The fire must be kept burning on the altar continuously; it must not go out.” -Leviticus 6:13

I believe God wants to encounter you with His love in such a profound way that you are ignited with a fresh fire from heaven. You are born for greatness. You are called to burn for Jesus and to not burn out. As you join me in this journey, I pray that you are overshadowed by the glory of God and marked with an increased hunger. Now is the time to fix our eyes on Jesus, throw off everything that hinders, and run wholeheartedly after Him (Hebrews 12:1-2).
— Jennifer A. Miskov


Jen is passionate about leading people into life changing encounters with God and introducing them to the fullness of the Holy Spirit through her speaking, writing, eCourses, and other resources. She has a Ph.D. in revival history. Learn more about Jen.



Pioneers have a unique call of God on their lives and don’t fit in any box. The heart of this school is to equip and catalyze pioneers to step into their God-given destinies from a place family. Learn more joining one of our Schools of Pioneering Revival.



Through workshops, the workbook, DVD, and eCourse, Writing in the Glory has catalyzed authors around the world to write and release their first books as well as step into a greater measure of their destiny from a place of encountering God. For all types of creatives. Get activated today.


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I pray that this piece of my heart laid before you will compel you to burn for Jesus like never before and ignite an unquenchable fire deep within. Filmed on location in Maui. Join the Encounter today!