Jennifer A- Miskov

Azusa Now: A Tipping Point for the Next Great Awakening

Azusa Now: A Tipping Point for the Next Great Awakening

Azusa Now was not just another Christian worship event. Deep wells of the Azusa Street Revival, which birthed over half a billion Christians and has spread to nearly every country in the world over the past century, were accessed on Saturday.

Ignite Azusa: Positioning for a New Jesus Revolution

We are on the verge of one of the greatest awakenings of all time. Many have prophesied about a new move of God on the horizon that far surpasses any we have ever seen. Our generation is pregnant with birthing a new Jesus Revolution and we have been given the incredible opportunity to step into something truly special in our day.

Finding the Gold in 2015 & Dreaming Big for 2016

I want to share an activation that has helped me process and find the gold from this past year as well as dream for the new year ahead. I pray that the Holy Spirit launches you into a greater measure of your destiny as you go along with me on this journey of giving thanks and of dreaming for the future.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime is at Our Door

What if our generation is pregnant with birthing the next Great Awakening? 

Now is our time arise and shine. Today is the day to dive in and not look back. Remain focused on Jesus. Immediately respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Lean into the Father’s heart. Now is out moment to shine.

As a generation, we have been given a great opportunity to shift the culture of what the next 100 years and more can look like. 

A Love you can't Escape at Christmas time

It is always good to be reminded of such a relentless and all consuming love freely accessible to us today. Be blessed with a fresh baptism of the Father's love..This is a picture of my friend Craig holding his newborn baby who came into the world just 5 days before this shot was taken. For me this is such a beautiful reminder for Christmas on two different levels.