Digging the Wells of Revival in California by Lou Engle


*The following is an excerpt of Lou Engle from new book Ignite Azusa: Positioning for a New Jesus Revolution by Jennifer A. Miskov also including Heidi Baker and Bill Johnson. This excerpt is followed by a prayer of impartation by Lou over all who read.

A few years back, I visited Carrie Judd Montgomery’s healing home in Oakland, California, called the Home of Peace. When I was at this historic revival well, the host showed me the guest book from 1908 with an entry by Azusa Street Revival participant Frank Bartleman. Although I have never met Bartleman, he has always been like a spiritual father for me because of his deep passion for intercession to see revival. I feel he is up there in the great cloud of witnesses encouraging me on in these days. I discovered that he wrote out his own modified version of Isaiah 59:16 in the guest book: “And He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercession.” I felt the Lord say to me, “Let San Francisco and California have an intercessor right now.” Not long after, my team and I decided to spend our forty-day fast for TheCall Berkeley at the Home of Peace in 2014.

Just as Bartleman interceded before the birth of the Azusa Street Revival because he could sense a historic shift, so I believe that we are also at a tipping point in our generation. It will be important to draw from the well at Azusa Street to gain insights on how we can better partner with what God wants to do in our day and go even further. When California seeks God like they sought for gold in the early days, God’s glory will return.

I pray for each one reading Ignite Azusa that you would have encounters and open heaven visitations. I pray for revival days to explode and that God would restore the breech, and repair the fallen down walls and city streets’ dwellings. I pray that God would pour out His Spirit like He did during Lonnie Frisbee’s time and that there would be another wave of revival in California, a new Jesus Movement. I pray that each one reading this book would have an encounter with God that will set the next stage of history in California, in America, and beyond.

Thirty-one years ago I read a book called Azusa Street by Frank Bartleman. It imparted fire into my being. A book can shift your life and can shift history. My friend Jen Miskov just wrote a book called Ignite Azusa. We believe this little book will light fires and prepare a people for another great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. So receive this book and as we put our blessing on this book, I want to pray you that you would receive an Impartation of a spirit of revival as you read it. I pray right now that the spirit that was on Azusa, that was on William J. Seymour and on Frank Bartleman would be released on those who read. Even now create hunger in their souls, desire and make them instruments of revival. In the name of Jesus, I bless you. Amen.