Facing the Wave by Mary Thomason

I want to introduce you to a burning one in our generation who is hungry to see Jesus poured out to this generation at all costs. I met Mary when she took my Azusa class at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. She is a BSSM students from England and carries a fire inside that is sure to fan your flame. Blessings and fire as you read her recent word.

Jen Miskov

Facing the Wave

Standing at the precipice of Azusa, I have mixed emotions: excitement, anticipation, hope, and fear. Hope of what could be, and fear that everything I have hoped for will come to nothing. As I talked to God, I felt Him speak to me about “facing the wave.” He encouraged me to stand strong and to trust in Him. What He is about to do is not about me, or what I can achieve; it is all about Him. All He is asking from me is my yes, and my courage to stand and to be led by His voice. I am His daughter. There is nothing I need to prove to Him or to anyone else. I need to remain in His love, follow His voice, hold fast to His promises, and expect HIM to move. This is what I wrote whilst “facing the wave”:

We are standing in front of a wave. We are watching it rise. We are holding our breath. We are waiting for the tipping point. We have called out, we have hungered, and now we face the very answer. We will not run; we will stand.

Now is the time for courage. Now is the time to stand. Now is the time to press forward. The call to advance has been sounded. Do not flee; do not break the battle lines. The enemy is putting out a counterfeit sound, the sound of retreat. Pay no heed; remain steadfast. The sound of heaven is the call to advance. The angelic armies are stationed and ready. Go forth and join the ranks.

We are ready. We are ready together. We are standing as one; we have moved into formation, we do not advance alone. Taking ground, step after step, walking in step, only looking forward, and never looking back. Our spirits will not flinch. We will not be intimidated or confused. We will move in one accord. We have one commander, and we have heard the call to arms. We will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the angelic hosts and the armies of man; positioned to advance.

And who is our Commander? He is King of Love, Prince of Peace, Miracle Worker, and Compassionate Healer. He is Wall Builder, Prison Breaker, and Hope Bringer. He is Truth Teller, Radical Restorer, Freedom Fighter, Passionate Pursuer, and Burden Bearer. He is the Still Small Voice and the Roaring Waters. We have met Him under the trysting tree and have sat on His knee. Now we will go to meet Him in the field. We are His. No pressure, no burdens; the battle belongs to the Lord. We will not be overwhelmed. We will face the wave and let it crash over us, abandoned to grace, and holding the promise. We know that our God is mighty and He is also good, relentlessly good. And as this wave crashes, it’s His goodness that covers us.  

*To learn more about this move of God see azusanow2016.com and Ignite Azusa.