Jennifer A. Miskov

Positioning Ourselves to Feast upon God: Revival of the Disciplines

“The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people.” Richard Foster

God wants to free people from fear. He wants to raise up His bride to embrace all He has in this new season. One of the ways He wants to equip people to step into all that He has is to bring a resurgence of what has been overlooked, forgotten, abused, broken, misunderstood, or misappropriated. God is raising up an army of lovers who will go anywhere and do anything for him.

Spirit Break Out: An Inside Look at what God did at the Society for Pentecostal Studies Conference 2014

The Friday morning before I left for Springfield, Missouri, I had opportunity to meet with one of my favorite leaders who is incredibly inaccessible. The trouble was that the meeting time would have overlapped with our family worship Friday mornings at Destiny House which I did not want to miss. I chose family first and that Friday morning at Destiny House was powerful.