Revival History in Redding, CA: Re-digging Wells at Destiny House

“They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations” (Isaiah 61:4).

Built in 1949 with the same materials used on the Shasta dam, the property on 2391 Placer Street, now functioning as Destiny House, was at one time a church in downtown Redding. The top floor was a wide open space where the children met for Sunday school. Later on, the city officials of Redding met there to declare laws over the city. A space that used to release goodness over the city later took a turn when it was vacated in the early 2000s and instead became a center where child pornography was filmed and released around the world. Witches and others later inhabited the home until 2007 when God led Jennifer Beebe and her family there. God gave Jenn a vision for it to be a glory house they called the Kabod House (Kabod means heavy weighty glory, honor, and blessing in Hebrew). Kris Kildosher and several young men who attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry felt led to live in the home. They helped sanctify the home spiritually and also began its restoration process. They regularly worshipped together in the open space on the top floor. As they did community together in the glory alongside the Beebe family, they saw many unique signs and wonders. One of the prophetic words released over this site during this time was that the salvation of the city is tied to this home. The Beebes lived in community here for 9 months until they had to move out in 2008. They owned the property for a total of 2.5 years until they went bankrupt and had to let it go.

After several years of the house being vacated, homeless people took residence there. A handful of people were drawn to put in an offer to buy the house but God protected it from being bought until Brad Coultier reluctantly put in a ridiculous offer. He secured the property for only $132,000 in September 2010. Fulfilling the prophetic words over Redding (Isaiah 61), he began to invest his time, resources, and heart into rebuilding the house. To learn more about Brad's journey go HERE.

In early 2012, shortly after finishing her Ph.D. in England on the life and ministry of Carrie Judd Montgomery, the founding mother of the healing home movement in North America, God divinely led Jennifer A. Miskov to the home. Through standing on testimonies of faith by Carrie Judd, Jen felt led to move into the house even though she had no car, no job, and very little money. All the resources she had would only cover the deposit and first month’s rent. God broke through in amazing ways and sent people every step of the way to help. She moved in February 15th. A few days later on her birthday on February 18th, 2012, Destiny House was officially dedicated for God’s purposes. At that time, it consisted of one floor with 3 people. To learn more about Jen's personal journey towards Destiny House and the incredible God story, go HERE.

Jenn Beebe was invited to a BSSM graduation party at Destiny House in the summer of 2012 by one of the girls who lived there whom she used to know many years before. It was at that party that Jenn Beebe met Jen Miskov for the first time. As they shared their hearts, they then realized that God had given them identical visions for the house years apart. Jen Miskov knew nothing of the Kabod house until after she had already moved in. At the party, Jenn Beebe saw a picture of Carrie Judd Montgomery and recognized her from one of her dreams. Her journey all began to start making sense.

Other threads of destiny began to be revealed as time went on. During one of the Friday morning worship and prayer times with the few girls in the house, there was a discussion of what the street name of the house, “placer,” meant. When it was discovered that it had to do with gold mines, Jen Miskov was sparked to share her favorite sermon by Carrie Judd Montgomery entitled “Life on Wings: The Possibilities of Pentecost.” As the sermon was read, unbeknownst to Jen at the time, there was a reference to placer mines! Within that very sermon originally released in 1910 was a tie to the street name of Destiny House, a home influenced and modeled after Carrie Judd’s healing home, the Home of Peace. Behind Destiny House is “Gold Street.” Jen Miskov’s life message can be found in a book entitled Silver to Gold. For Jen, there was prophetic destiny all over this house and she was tapping into something much greater than she had realized from the start.

By June 2012, the bottom floor of the house was also released. After the summer, God sent Jessica Phelps to steward the downstairs to have a total of 9 women in the house, all students attending BSSM. For most of 2012-2013, Destiny House operated as a community and glory home, centered around worship and God’s presence that also hosted and honored missionaries and leaders from around the world. Senior leaders from church movements in the U.K., a leader of the underground church in the Middle East who also works with the royal family there, Iris missionaries including one who works with rebel soldiers in the Congo, a movie star’s mother, brother-in-law to John Wimber, and many other saints stayed at or visited the home during this season.

By May 2013, God sent Angela Locke who would be the first full time missionary to be a part of Destiny House besides Jen Miskov. The two floors transitioned back to a community centered around God’s glory and focused on Friday morning worship and ministry times, Saturday night monthly Holy Spirit nights, and Monday night community meals. There was continued prayer for and release of destiny to missionaries and leaders as they joined the weekly and monthly gatherings. One lady who heard about Destiny House through her visit to the Home of Peace, drove up from Oakland for the Friday morning worship time. After being prayed for, she later received financial breakthrough of $217, 544.21 forgiven off of a house loan.

Besides ministering to many visitors, the young women who have spent a season living in this set apart atmosphere have received a great deposit for the rest of their lives, most importantly learning how to worship God in all circumstances. Many of these who have learned to live powerfully within a community centered around worship, have been transformed and launched into a greater measure of their destiny.

After over 2 years of praying, hosting God’s presence, worshiping Him in all circumstances, honoring missionaries and leaders from around the world, imparting destiny to all who enter, and Brad rebuilding the house and adjacent property according to city regulations, the top floor of the home was released May 1, 2014 for the Destiny House family to rent and have set aside for the whole ministry. God sent the Hess family with their two beautiful daughters to eventually reopen the missionary room that was open in phase one of Destiny House. This home that used to be a church, then the Kabod House, is now being restored to perfect alignment with heaven as a place set aside to host God’s presence and to learn to live in the glory within the context of community. It is becoming a prototype for restoring family worship and living a lifestyle in the glory. It is a model for future Destiny Houses centered on glory, honor, and destiny to be launched around the world.

Could the rebuilding and restoration process of the house on 2391 Placer Street in downtown Redding, once called the Kabod House, now called Destiny House, be a prophetic sign for the city of Redding based on Isaiah 61? Could Destiny House’s rebirth be prophetic in nature of what God is about to do in the church by bringing perfect alignment and convergence to prepare for what’s coming next?

With the full alignment of Destiny House, I release a prophetic declaration to the city, the church, and the world that this will be a season of long await dreams fulfilled, hope restored, broken parts fully healed, convergence, perfect positioning to step into all that God has, and destinies released. To the city of Redding, may you be called a Holy People, the Redeemed of the Lord. May you be called Sought After, the City No Longer Deserted (Isaiah 62:12). God will come in great power shortly, position yourselves to step into what He is about to pour out. May now be a time for us all to “Pass through, pass through the gates! Prepare the way for the people. Build up, build up the highway! Remove the stones. Raise a banner for the nations” (Isaiah 62:10).

Please pray for us as we enter into the next phase of what God is doing in our community here and around the world. Thank you for celebrating our journey with us.

While there are many who have played a part in this miracle over the past few years, this article is dedicated to the two hidden heroes and pioneers who have literally laid down there lives and given all they had because they believed in a dream from God. We would not be here if it wasn't for you two. To Jennifer Beebe and Brad Coultier, may this be your season of convergence, may blessings flood and overtake you, may honor chase after you for the things you have done in secret, may you experience God’s love beyond what you ever have before. Thank you for making a place for the Destiny House family. You have an inheritance and a direct part in everything God does in this place and you will never be forgotten for your great kindness.

See video below to learn more of our future direction and the 100 year vision to cultivate and release God's glory from this place. We are in partnership with Iris Global. All are welcome to join us for worship and receive ministry from our Destiny House family Friday mornings 8:00-10:00am at Destiny House.

To learn more of Jen Miskov's personal journey and some of the craziest breakthroughs of her life as she was moving towards Destiny House, go HERE.