You Reach

June 8, 2011

You Reach

You Reach
to grab hold of the climber falling from the cliff

like a mother stretching to hold her daughter’s hand

to our hearts to light them with Your love

You Reach

to unlock unbelief trapped in hearts

to pick manna from heaven

to hand us Your true bread of life

You Reach

to put Your life on a line

to give us Your heart, dripping with blood

to give us Your forgiveness coated in love

Your reach

We receive

Your gift of life

Your acceptance

Your hand that holds ours

Your provision, safety, security

Your bread of life


We reach

to hold the hand of others

to freely give as

We have freely received

This poem is based off of Psalm 57:10. “Your mercy reaches unto the heavens, and Your truth unto the clouds.”

©Jen Miskov and written in March 2004