June 11, 2011

I was cleaning out my room and I came across a poem I wrote for the ladies in my small discipleship group back in 2007. At the time I wrote it, I was reflecting upon how they had grown up and remained connected to the Source which was such a beautiful thing. It was my prayer that even though some of them were just married or engaged, that even with those gifts from above, it is important to always remain in Him and make that time to be in His presence. These have continued to do this and they not only inspire me but inspire many others as well. Rediscovering this poem today has reminded me that no matter what season in life we enter next, it is essential that we always seek out God in the secret place, for it is there that He eagerly awaits spending timing with us...

This poem is rededicated today to the ladies from my small group who have indeed remained close to the Fire, even after all these years. Each of you are beautiful and special to me.


As single love begins to grow


And fill more than one room,

More than one world

Always remember to return

It awaits you always

That fireside place of meeting

Where He restores you again and again

Refreshes you with His peace

Speaks words of tenderness over you

He waits with longing

To seduce you into His loving presence

With gentle words that can only bring life

Hope, peace

He promises

Rest, comfort despite

Confusion, chaos

He awaits

His fireside room is being prepared

No matter how crowded the other rooms get

He makes this special place ready

You alone hold the key

This is your secret place

For you and Him alone

Will be together here

Here is life

Return here

Again and Again

For this is where your heart belongs

Where your spirit comes alive