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Jen loves to lead people into deeper encounters with Jesus. She is passionate about inspiring people to take risks to move out of the comforts of an easy life and into the exciting and adventurous life in the kingdom of God. Jen believes that the keys to our destiny are found in God's presence and in the midst of family. All of her messages are derived from her personal life and experiences. While she speaks, she likes to remain open and sensitive to what the Holy Spirit might be saying to a specific community at a certain time. She loves doing ministry with family and inviting the fire of God to ignite people with God's heart. Jen did her Ph.D. on healing, the Holy Spirit, and revival history. 

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Watch when Jen discusses the Welsh Revival and the importance of positioning ourselves for the next Great Awakening. Welsh Revival (1904-1905), led by Evan Roberts, had significant impartation and beginnings preparing for The Azusa Street Revival and early American Pentecostalism.

Encounter Testimony from Jen's Ministry

It all started in November of 2015.  I was sitting in class at Bethel School of Supernatural ministry. Jennifer came at the end of the day just to pray for the Azusa revival. I have never had any manifestation of the Spirit. Holy Spirit was spoken of in my church back home but I don’t feel that we were actually connected to Him. I’ve never been drunk in the Spirit or any other manifestations that we commonly see today.  Being in this environment, I was curious for myself to experience this. But something changed when Jennifer hit the stage that day. I began to experience something that I’ve never felt with any other speaker. What impressed me was how she spoke for only five minutes. And when she did she said “Let’s acknowledge the presence of God in here.’’ At that moment, the presence of the Holy Spirit came so strongly that half of the students were touched and each one manifesting. All of a sudden something past through my right arm and into my chest, then my throat. The feeling like freezing water. And suddenly, I felt a freedom like I’ve never felt before. A freedom to worship God in a new way.  I started to worship in thankfulness and praying with all my heart to God concerning Azusa. The presence begin to grow thick around me, and I found my body hanging onto the bar next to my seat.

Fast forward to March of 2016, Jennifer came back to our school. As soon as I recognized her, I said to my wife “It’s Jennifer. There is something special about her because God touches my life everytime she comes.’’  As soon as I finished my sentence, something came behind me like the feeling of a gust wind. It touched my head and went all the way down to my feet. I asked the woman next to me if she felt anything and she had. And another wave hit. And another and another. For the first time I understood what people meant when they said God hits you like a wave.  I understood in that moment that God wanted to do something in me that day so I surrendered. Lifting my hands and my eyes toward heaven as he touched my heart. A few moments passed and suddenly I began to cry uncontrollably as new waves of God began to touch me once more. And I opened my eyes to see Jennifer on stage sharing history about Evan Roberts.  As I saw the picture of Evan, I began to shake. Jennifer continued, “Do you know how Evan started revival ? By praying for salvations.’’ I began to laugh and cry hysterically. I was shocked, because only a couple months before this I was sitting at my kitchen table reading about Evan Roberts. And as I read about this revivalist, I began weeping. I was so moved in my spirit that I started praying for 50 salvations to come in my own country. I knew in that moment as I found myself weeping again in school just from hearing about Evan that God was doing something in me that I couldn’t explain. During this time I had never heard the audible voice of God but in that moment God touched me so deeply and said to me, “I’m giving you the mantle of Evan Roberts.’’ Overwhelmed with His peace, I was sealed in the presence of God. God Himself commisioned me as a revivalist, and I knew from that day forward, I would never be the same.

At BSSM we have an amazing opportunity to sit under wonderful leaders. But God chose Jennifer to deliver not only a key word to my heart but the very thing I was called to do. The mantle that God created me to carry was handed to me that day and I am forever grateful.

-Mathieu Bernard, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry graduate

Jen shares about Azusa Street Revival and God crashes in!

Gift of Tongues Released

Years ago when I became a Christian and was introduced to the "gifts" of the spirit; I wanted to understand what they were and go deeper in them with God. In the beginning of Bethel School we had many leaders speak in front of our first year class regarding speaking in tongues. They spoke about praying in tongues, they encouraged us to pray in tongues, and they prayed over us in tongues. I felt out of place because I had never received my prayer language and it seemed as if every other student around me had. I would ask my roommates about it and other people in my revival group. We had leaders pray for us to receive our prayer language many times in the beginning of the year and even though each time I stood to receive, I felt the fire of God and would shake; but I never received the gift of speaking in tongues. I prayed often to God about it and battled ideas that something was wrong with me. My friends shared their experiences of when they received their prayer language, and I'd hope their testimonies would help me receive breakthrough. 

It wasn't until Jen came and spoke to our first year class regarding Azusa history that I received my prayer language! She released the breakthrough that I needed and it was so easy for me. I remember feeling complete peace in my mind/body/soul/spirit as she prayed over us for Azusa. As she was praying and allowing the Holy Spirit to move, I started to hear a voice in my head. The voice was in another language and I knew it was speaking in tongues! At first I was confused because I was hearing it in my head and it wasn't coming out of my mouth. For some silly reason I thought when I received my prayer language my mouth would take over and start speaking it. As I listened to the voice in my head I felt the presence of God tell me to repeat what the voice was saying! I had received the gift of speaking in tongues!!!! It was exciting and fun repeating what I was hearing in my head and it lasted all night! Now I can say it naturally flows out of me!

I'm so thankful for God releasing breakthrough through Jen!

~ Whitney Oehlerking 

Jennifer Miskov and Destiny House have a powerful time ministering at Psalm 84 Church