Clarifying Your Vision

How would you like to build on these Destiny House Core Values or add to them what is unique and specific to you and your community? Not all Destiny House or worshipping communities will look the same nor should they but they will share the same the same heartbeat. We encourage you to process through these questions and then come together and share what God has revealed and what overlaps. Pray and then determine how you want to build community together and what it will look like. Then draft a working vision statement, core values, and commitment to community document so everyone is clear on what they are committing too together. Have fun and enjoy the journey.


Developing the Vision:

What is your personal life’s vision/what do you feel you are born for?

What do you feel the vision for this group meeting together is and how does that tie into your personal vision?

Why do you want to commit to this group?

What do you want to build together?

What do you hope happens as a result of your commitment to this community? for yourself? your family? your city? your nation?


Articulating Core Values:

What are 3-5 of your top personal core values?

What are 3-5 corporate core values that you believe will be important to maintain and cultivate for this community?


Commitment to each other:

What does your vision and core values lived out practically look like?

What types of gatherings or times of connection will build the vision God is putting in your hearts?

How long do you want to commit to each other as you pioneer this new community together? Think total initial commitment (for example, 1 year to start) and also think about what weekly commitment and potential intentional rhythm of life you would love to share together.


Finding & Building Your Tribe

Who are some of the key people you want to run with in this season?

Out of those, who shares your vision and might be at a place to go deeper together and commit to be a part of leadership core?

Who are others who might not be able to be a part of leadership core but would be a great part of this community to invite along?


Equipping & Training

What type of equipping and training do you feel would be good for you and your community to thrive, feel covered, and supported?

Anything else you think you would need or would be helpful in the initial pioneering phase or later on?