BELGIUM: Ripe for Revival


by Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D.

I had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday in Belgium this year! It was fun to be able to stay in the upper room of the Brussels House of Prayer also to celebrate my the 7 year anniversary of Destiny House. I woke up on my birthday to a tray of breakfast treats, white roses, and a card from Rachel and Roger at the Brussels House of Prayer as well as a hilarious birthday video from a special family in Australia all sending me birthday love and several texts from family and friends. Then in the evening I got a surprise video from Laura of some of the Destiny House family around the world who recorded a special video message for me. This touched my heart and was so very special to me. This was followed by a birthday dinner where even my French cousin who lives in Belgium joined us and made the best chocolate birthday tart ever. After dinner, we did some worship and a blessing over me to end the evening. I’m so blessed and thankful for how God provides family even when I’m around the world.


Here’s a recap of my time in Belgium and a few of the things that God did. Tuesday evening, I was blessed to be a part of a house meeting of ladies all in various leadership roles where we just gathered to encounter God. I discovered that many of them were from the Congo or Rwanda which was a treat to be surrounded by the African fire in this nation. Thursday evening, I had the chance to join in worship at the Brussels House of Prayer and my team from the U.K. arrived to join my ministry trip here, Mary T. and Kelly-Joy who helped me with my Pioneering Revival class I led at BSSM several years ago. In the house of prayer, we discovered that God linked us up with a family that has a very similar vision as Destiny House, so it instantly felt like home here. Friday at lunch time we had the opportunity to go into the EU Parliament for a time of prayer and worship over this nation and the leaders here. That was such an honor.


Friday evening was one of my favorite nights in Belgium. It was the first big meeting we were doing that was organized by Mualdo of Ignite Church who was gracious to invite and host us in this nation. We gathered leaders from the region, had a powerful time of worship where there was space created for a beautiful dancer to release the glory, then I shared on how to position ourselves for the incoming revival, how Mary chose the better thing to remain at the feet of Jesus (Luke 10), and the importance of keeping our lamps full of oil (Matthew 25). There was such hunger in the packed room of leaders from different regions and members of the church. The fire of God fell and marked many in a profound way. Mualdo had all the leaders come up to the front and after they received the fire of God, they prayed for everyone else there. It was powerful and it felt like we got to be a part of birthing something special in that nation as it was their first revival encounter meeting held there, but I am sure not their last.


The next day after some touring around the city, we went outside the city to a church that hosted a Youth Explosion Night. There I shared about Peter stepping outside of the boat to meet Jesus in the storm and there was a call for those who felt called to be a revivalist. Many youth and young adults were marked with a fresh fire to be consecrated to the Lord and burn for Jesus all their days. God raised up several revivalists that night.


Sunday morning, we got to minister at Ignite Church and the Holy Spirit moved in a special way. I shared the story from John 12 about the woman who broke the alabaster jar to pour on the feet of Jesus and how He is inviting us to give Him worship that costs us something. After sharing my heart, we created space for each person to make a declaration of what they are born for. These acts of courage were a powerful time of people getting set free from fear and stepping out of their boxes to shine. God moved in such a special way.


Sunday afternoon we had the opportunity to minister at a Pilipino church in the area. There was such beautiful hunger there. I shared about Exodus 33 and the need to make sure that as we step into our destinies and even into revival that we make sure God’s presence is there and He is leading. We don’t want to step into the Promised Land in our lives if God does not go there with us. Then Mary T. gave a word on stepping out in courage and not being afraid to shine followed by Laura preaching the gospel and getting everyone fired up to run after Jesus with everything inside. Mualdo closed the meeting with fire and passion, praying for the nation and linking arms together.


I experienced such hunger and unity in Belgium. This nation is truly on the verge of a great revival. God is preparing His people to carry what He’s about to pour out in an extreme measure over this land. We were so blessed to gather some of the hungriest in the region to come and burn for Jesus together. This is a trip I will never forget and am so grateful to have been received and embraced here. Please continue to pray for the destiny of Belgium to be unfolded and for revival to sweep through this land and spread to the surrounding nations and beyond.