Entering into The Age of the Trinity: Reflecting on Covenant with 3s

by Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D.

Upon reflecting on our 3-year anniversary at Destiny House this Valentine’s Day, I have been struck lately by the synergy of 3s. We have received 3 floors and the alignment of the whole house at Destiny House in just under 3 years. In the next few months we are going to expand and inhabit the duplex next door that was only an empty dirt lot when I moved in February 2012.

So much has happened in the past 3 years at an accelerated rate. Even now, Bethany who lives upstairs at Destiny House is very pregnant and about to have her 3rd baby. She is going to have a home birth. God has put it on our hearts as a community to create an environment of worship on the floor below her while she is giving birth so that the baby’s first introduction to this world is in God’s glory. Quite prophetic of our mandate at Destiny House to help launch and birth destinies from a place of God’s glory.

There are lots of trios that are arising in our community lately as well. We have 3 people from Destiny House who are passionate about cooking and have aligned to do prophetic catering together. The worship team for our 3 year anniversary was comprised of 3 special people coming together bringing a beautiful synergy of giftings. There are also many other unions and partnerships coming together both in and outside the house that are bearing fruit. Identifying ourselves as a Levite tribe of worshippers at Destiny House, we also recently discovered that Levi was the 3rd son. Jesus also arose on the 3rd day.

3 of the dancers who live here created a beautiful tapestry while dancing on a white sheet with paint. By the time the dance was over, they were wonderfully decorated with different colors, as was the cloth. It produced a powerful expression of the beauty that is created when 3 align together for one purpose. Kind of like the Trinity.

The incredible Katharina, Elisa, and Carmella!
The incredible Katharina, Elisa, and Carmella!

There is something about the number 3 for this season. I have heard that one person can pull 100 pounds but 2 together can pull 300 pounds. There’s something about synergizing that multiplies the impact. I wonder what would happen if 3 people came together. Could they pull 500 pounds? Jesus talks about how if 2 or more met to pray, He would hear them. What would happen if 3 people aligned to pray?

“When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of Me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.” (Matthew 18:18-20 MSG)

Going even beyond that, what would happen if we built upon the disciples being sent out 2 by 2 and sent people out 3 by 3? What more might be released?

In the midst of the development of the revival history class I am co-teaching at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry with an incredible leader for our generation named Mark Brookes, the theme of the Trinity has been highlighted to me lately. In the 1800s there was an awakening of people discovering how good Jesus really is. They began to see Him as a friend and even a lover rather than a distant far off King. In the early 1900s, our world was infused with fire from heaven and a powerful impartation of the Holy Spirit. There were outbreaks of the Holy Spirit revival fire around the world including Azusa Street, which was a catalytic center of revival at that time. The power of the Holy Spirit was reintroduced to the church. Then in the 1990s we began to see a wave of the Father’s love poured out. The Toronto Blessing was also referred to as the Father’s Blessing. People began to receive the love of the Father in a new and powerful way.

Through the ages, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and more recently aspects of the Father have been highlighted and emphasized in the church in at different times. This is a very general overview and not meant to be a concrete representation of the church, only my reflection over the ages from some of what I have seen as I have been a student of revival history.

That brings us to our present age in the 2000s. I feel that rather than picking one theme or highlighting only one part of the godhead, there is a momentum of what has been built through the ages coming into alignment and synergy in the union of the Trinity. In light of all that God has been doing within our community with 3s and what He has been highlighting to me lately, I believe we are entering into the Age of the Trinity. This is not 3 in One; these 3 are One. This is perfect union and alignment where boundary lines are blurred because the union is so complete.

There is a new synergy available to us in this new age of the Trinity. Now, rather than just focusing on one Person of the godhead, we get access to the synergy of 3. The momentum of the revelation of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father is building to burst into the synergetic power and anointing as we understand the union these share. What would a church look like that didn’t emphasize one or the other but had a view of the whole? What kind of momentum and acceleration could come as we fused our understanding of these 3 into perfect alignment? What might happen as we dive into what the significance of the Trinity means for us today?

It is time to enter in and partake of the beautiful, creative, synergy shared between Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father. I feel that this Age of the Trinity we are entering into will also be an Age of Creativity. Creative expressions are naturally birthed when people are aligned for One purpose under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

I feel that something special will happen when we choose to build covenants and alignments with 3s in this season. There might even be more than one trio people will be a part of in different seasons. Those involved in a worship team synergy might also be linked in covenant relationships in another trio as well. Dancers might have a synergetic dance trio as well as another set of trios for other passions in their lives.

In this new Age of Synergetic Unity, Creativity, and Trinity, I encourage you to find your tribe and go as deep as possible with God and with them no matter the sacrifice. Once the Holy Spirit has highlighted your potential covenant partnerships in this season, I encourage you to pursue them with vulnerability to discover the hidden treasures that might be awaiting you within each other. As you step out, I believe you will then flourish in a destiny even greater than you could ever hope, dream, or imagine.

Don’t be afraid to invest, plant, and build. Look what happened in only 3 years here at Destiny House. In this day and age of needing to be entertained every 5 minutes with something new, I encourage you to dive beyond the surface and into the depths of God’s heart and those in your community no matter how hard you have to fight or what the cost. Synergy and depth takes time and commitment. Take courage and dive in. Beautiful things are awaiting you today.