Awakening Europe, Nuremberg, Germany Day 2: Running to Jesus

by Jennifer A. Miskov, PhD

I have never seen people run to Jesus like I did tonight. Jesus Culture led some wonderful worship followed by Todd White bringing a powerful message. He talked about how when one squeezes an orange, they get orange juice but wondered why when the devil squeezes a Christian, we don't always get more of Jesus. Todd was encouraging us to be Jesus to those around us. Then at the end of his message, he called for all who had not encountered God's love to stand up. When many across the stadium stood to their feet and the crowd cheered. Then Todd told them to run quickly to the end of the stadium where a ministry team was prepared to receive them. He told them to hurry. There was a track there so they should run. After he said this, I saw across the stadium a small crowd of hungry ones running as fast as they could on the track to the end of the stadium. When they did that, I could feel the glory of God fall in a special way. It was such an anointed time. Hundreds of people cascaded towards the field so they could give their lives to Jesus.

Then after this, Todd had the several thousands gathered at the end of the field get down on their knees and repeat a prayer. Following this, he had the rest of those in the stadium extend their hands and ask for a BAPTISM OF FIRE. When people don't just say a little salvation prayer but also ask for fire of the Spirit to come and baptize them, the odds are that they are likely going to burn for Jesus immediately. God touched them as well as many others in the stadium in a powerful way. 

There was a special presence in the stadium tonight, many on the verge of tears because His presence hovered over them. When the Holy Spirit crashed in on them, they could no longer hold back the tears. 

God did a marvelous and wonderful work with many being added to the Kingdom tonight. I thank God for bringing so many to receive His great love. Ripple effects for eternity were initiated by what God did tonight. Towards the end of the session, Ben Fitzgerald and Todd White ended up on their knees and on their faces together on the stage in worship once again. The unity, brotherhood, family atmosphere here is contagious There's zero competition. This gathering is truly all about Jesus. There's no other agenda than to encounter Him and make His name famous. Everyone is yielding to the leading of the Holy Spirit and letting God have His way. I hope and pray this becomes a normal for the future of the church in this and future generations. I believe it will.