When God Leads Us to Giants


I believe that we absolutely can, but it’s my heart that none of us ever does! Over a series of Live Destiny blog entries, I am going to demonstrate this as well as provide some helpful encouragements so that we do not miss out but rather engage in and thrive in our full destinies.


A generation of Israelites missed out on their destiny (Read Numbers 13-14)

Just as the Israelites who died in the desert missed out on their full destiny, so can we if we do not quickly respond to the leadings of the Holy Spirit. The generation of the Israelites who died in the desert stopped short of walking in their God-given inheritance. They had a window of time where they could have chosen God’s perspective and trusted in His leading but they allowed themselves to be crippled by fear, even seeking to stone the only two, Joshua and Caleb, who actually believed in God’s destiny for them. It wasn’t until after the Israelites got rebuked and schooled from God by their stoning behaviour towards His appointed leaders that they finally came to their senses. 


By the time the Israelites finally realized that their destiny truly was beyond the giants and within the Promised Land, they set out to respond to God’s earlier call on their lives. Only by this time, the window of opportunity had already passed them by. Yes, they finally were ready to fight and overcome these giants but now it was too late. They missed God’s heartbeat because of a wrong perspective and not being ready to respond immediately to His leading. They had their sights set on the giants in front of them blocking their true destiny, rather than on God who could have moved them into their true destinies.


The giants in the Promised Land were real and the giants we have to fight through to take hold of our destiny are real. The credit crunch is real, rejection is real, misunderstanding is real, but if God really is over all and if He is leading us somewhere, the surrounding circumstances are irrelevant, powerless in comparison with His greatness. Regardless of what giants we currently face, God is greater.


If the Israelites of that generation had trusted in and believed that God wanted the best for them and responded to God’s earlier call to fight and enter the Promised Land, would they have gained the victory? What if they all had rallied behind Joshua and Caleb in full support of overcoming the giants, would they have thrived in the Promised Land and had a different end to their story? What does this story say to us about the importance of not only saying Yes to God when He leads, but the importance of responding in the moment as well? A generation’s destiny hung on a thread, on a moment. What would have happened if Martin Luther King Jr. did not respond to where God was leading him at the time to fulfill his destiny? What if he would have hesitated, asked how, or lived in the fear of the giants surrounding him?

If we hesitate or struggle to respond immediately when God speaks to us, what will happen to those around us who need for us to live our destiny so that it brings a shift in their reality? May we be a people who are so close to the Father that we know His ways and can discern His voice. May we be like Joshua and Caleb, full of faith and ready to respond immediately to God as He leads into our destiny, keeping our eyes on Him who is the Author and Finisher of our true destiny.

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