Vision 5,000

Imagine being a part of a community of burning saints who live to exalt the name of Jesus. What would it look like to be part of a tribe where you are fully seen, known, and celebrated for the gift that you are; where you can’t hide? What does it look like to be a community that camps around God’s presence and is fully yielded to the Holy Spirit? What would it look like to be championed to go after your God given destiny together and be launched even further than you can imagine because you’re doing it with family (Ephesians 3:20)? What does it look like to be fully alive (John 10:10)?

We believe that when a community commits to cultivating God’s presence together in the intimate space of family, that lives will be transformed, hearts will be awakened, and revival will be ignited. Our dream is to inspire 5,000 of these worshipping revivalist communities around the world. Living out of His presence and being knit together with family are the only ways to truly step into the fullness of our God given destinies and to release it to others. Without Jesus we are nothing. Without each other we can only go so far. This is family. This is kingdom. This is Destiny House. 

Will you join us in this revolution?