Testimonials from Writing in the Glory Graduates

The best thing about Writing in the Glory is that it’s practical. Too often we hear incredible messages that move our hearts but don’t necessarily teach us how to grow as a person. Writing in the Glory gave me the tools that I needed to take my book from a far-off dream to a current day reality. So thankful that Jen took the time to show each and every one of us how to go from a dreamer into an author ourselves.
— Gabriel Lopez, Author of God’s Best Friend 
The Writing in the Glory workshops have changed my life forever.

I remember when I first took the workshop while I was a first year ministry student with Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Jennifer Miskov provided me and each participant the opportunity to engage with the Holy Spirit on such a personal level, that our writing and belief in ourselves in this area changed. When I first signed up for this workshop, I doubted myself and my ability to write.

Even though this was a dream in my heart to write, I doubted myself and my ability. I can only tell you that the Lord engaged my heart and unlocked the potential that was already there and Jennifer was able to fan the flames of creativity, revival, and gold that were resident in my heart. Writing in the Glory workshops propelled me into becoming an author and I have published my very first book.

It is time that you step into your destiny and write what the Holy Spirit has called you into. The world deserves to hear what God has birthed inside of you.
— Stephanie Claiborne, Author of Fullness of Joy
A few years ago, I sat down with Jen to discuss a book that been trapped in my heart and mind for years. I had been unable to act on my dreams. She provided me with a copy of Writing in the Glory and afterwards sat with me for quite some time and helped me pull together my thoughts. She took me through a personal one-on-one Writing in the Glory workshop and what was produced is my book, Reckless Mercy!
Her encouragement and support provided the guidance I needed to birth what was in my heart to make it a reality!
— Carl Tuttle, Author of Reckless Mercy
Jen’s Writing in the Glory workshop has an anointing to unlock the creativity of Heaven. For years, people have prophesied that I would write a book, but I never had the confidence to pursue it. I wasn’t sure what to write, how to go about writing it, or what it would even look like to finish an entire book. Since doing Jen’s workshop, I have successfully finished my first book project. Jen has a way of tapping into the faith of Heaven and making anything seem possible.
— Jessika Tate, Founder of In Faithful Pursuit Ministries