Want to be inspired to step out in courage, radical faith, and healing in a greater measure? Want to learn how to sustain revival and bring it forward? Come be inspired by a forgotten healing revivalist who impacted the Divine Healing movement and early Pentecostalism and who also not only pioneered some of the earliest healing homes, but also became one of the earliest female itinerant ministers in the country.

Over the years, Christian historiography has overlooked Carrie Judd Montgomery’s (1858-1946) significant contribution to both the Divine Healing movement and Pentecostalism. Since the extent of her effect within both movements as a whole has been greatly unexamined, the purpose of this book is to recover her forgotten life and theology and to discover her impact.

Montgomery’s healing account in 1879 and her early literature acted as a “Tipping Point” within American Evangelicalism to turn Christians from believing that it was good to suffer unto God, to them believing that God wanted to heal. Her healing homes were also among some of the earliest in the country. These things in addition to her early contribution to the formation of the doctrine of healing in the atonementmake Montgomery one of the most influential people in the American Divine Healing movement. She additionally influenced early Pentecostalism. Following her 1908 tongues experience, Montgomery spread Pentecostal themes throughout her networks. She introduced many significant leaders to healing and the Pentecostal Spirit baptism who later built and expanded the movement in profound ways.

An analysis of Montgomery’s writings from 1880-1920, reveal that the prayer of faith in James 5 and healing in the atonement were two of the major foundations in her theology of healing. The implications of these lived out in relation to suffering and the gift of healing demonstrate that neither one of these was really necessary since healing was already available in the finished work of Christ to those who appropriated it.

An analysis of her Pentecostal pneumatology(study of the Holy Spirit) shows that Montgomery actively pursued the fullness of the Spirit, also at times referred to as “Spirit baptism,” both before and after her own 1908 tongues experience. While the manifestation of tongues enhanced her spirituality, added a new flavor to her ministry, and caused to her re-interpret past experiences through a Pentecostal perspective, it did not produce any major shifts within her theology of healing. In light of her experiences with the Spirit throughout the years, a proposed redefinition of the Pentecostal Spirit baptism is presented. 

In conclusion, Montgomery’s approach to the newer manifestations of the Spirit and her relentless pursuit of the “fullness of the Spirit” however that looked in her generation can similarly inform present day approaches to revival and inspire Christians from all traditions to dive into the fullness of the Spirit available today.

Paperback: 368 pages

Publisher: CPT Press (March 21, 2012)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1935931296

ISBN-13: 978-1935931294

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