Launch a Worshipping Community

For those who want to join us on this mandate to launch 5,000 worshipping communities around the world, there are a few ways to intentionally build the vision with us below. Our heart is that what we’ve built over the years with Destiny House will influence and inspire you to launch a worshipping community wherever you are and that we can be a resource to support you in your journey. We also want to make sure that it’s clear that we are not trying to replace the church in any way, but we want to “be” the church 24-7 as a lifestyle (Acts 2) and also support local churches in our area. These worship communities are in addition to and in close partnership with the local church.

1.Familiarize Yourself with Our Core Values

VISION & CORE VALUES: Enroll in the School of Pioneering Revival and take the Walking on Water Encounter eCourse to learn more of our vision and core values and to hear some of Jen’s story. Here you will see how we have integrated a rhythm of weekly worship, family meals, fasting, and revival in family to build our vision and live from our core values. We encourage you to embrace our core values of Glory, Honor, Destiny, and Consecration as you feel led and to add other core values that are important for you and your community. Seek the Holy Spirit together for direction of how God wants your community to live these values out where you are. Give space and freedom for the Holy Spirit to lead you as you to explore what living out and any other specific core values you develop within your community will look like. Another way to learn more of our DNA is to read some of our foundational books.

2.Clarify Your Vision & Core Values

CLARIFYING YOUR VISION: We have created of a list of questions that can be used to help initiate dialogue with your community around core values. The following blog also shares more of what these lived out can look like.

3 Keys to Cultivating Revival in Family

3. WRITE OUT YOUR Call to Commitment

COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITY: Once you have discovered God’s heart and vision for your community and the core values that you want to build into your community, develop clear guidelines for what you are calling your community to mutually commit to together for the next season. See our Commitment to Community to learn how we developed our call to action and covenant around our Vision and Core values.

4. SEND us your vision, core values, and commitment to community

If you want to connect with us, once you have met with your group and clarified how you want to live out your core values, please send us a draft of your vision for your community to info@silvertogold.com with “Destiny House Tribe” in the subject heading. We would love to know how we can support you. We would also love to get to know you if you are able to join us during one of our worship encounter nights or at one of our conferences.