We are a tribe of worshipers inviting people into a lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus.


Our one desire is to know God more. We believe that destinies are birthed from a place of intimacy with God and connection to family. Our dream is to raise up an army of Jesus lovers who live in total surrender and who love God wholeheartedly.

Our heart is expressed in the following ways:



We have a 100-year vision for worship to be released in the context of family and for 5,000 worshipping communities to be launched around the world. Learn more about our VISION.

Writing in the glory

Through books, workshops, E-Course, and coaching, we seek to inspire people to live from their hearts to release books that will impact the world. Get ACTIVATED.

Revival History

We recover revival history to prophecy into the future and launch people into a greater measure of their destiny. See some of our TEACHINGS.


Jen's vulnerable and personal journey crafted into her latest bookWalking on Water. Available today HERE!