Group Discounts

We believe that family accelerates growth and that you will get a lot more out of this course by doing it together with a friend or in a group. In light of this we have significantly reduced the regular price ($99) to as low as $29 per person for the Walking on Water Encounter E-course if you do it together in groups.

  • $99: single

  • $129: 2 people ($65 x 2)

  • $179: Family of 4 ($45 x 4)

  • $249: Group of 6 ($41 x 6)

  • $299: Group of 8 ($37 x 8)

  • $349: Group of 12 ($29 x 12)

Email us at if you want to give this as a gift, do a larger group, or have any questions or need assistance accessing the course.

Walking on Water Encounter

For Destiny House alumni, BSSM students, missionaries, church leaders who can not afford to pay the full amount in this season but who will commit to complete the full course with at least one other person in 2019, for a limited time only, you can donate what you are able to access the full course.