Group Discounts or Gift Certificates

We believe that family accelerates growth and that you will get a lot more out of this course by doing it together with a friend or in a group. In light of this we have significantly reduced the regular price ($99) to as low as $49 per person for the Walking on Water Encounter E-course if you do it together in groups.

  • $99: single

  • $315: Group of 4 people ($79 x 4)

  • $415: Group of 6 ($69 x 6)

  • $475: Group of 8 ($59 x 8)

  • $589: Group of 12 ($49 x 12)

Email us at if you want to give this as a gift, do a larger group, or have any questions or need assistance accessing the course.

Pre-Sale Walking on Water Encounter