by Jennifer A. Miskov (written in 2012)


Intersection in Mozambique (2000)

This is my recent journey into more of God’s full destiny for my life. Let me back up a bit. I graduated from University of Birmingham in England with a PhD in revival history in the summer of 2011 before coming back to Orange County, California.

During my last days in England, I was getting drawn back to California and also to Redding. I had intersected with Bethel Church while living in Mozambique in the year 2000 when I took one of their teams with me to Camp 2000, a church I helped to plant in the African bush. It was that team who got to experience the miracle of bread multiplying. Upon my return to the States in 2001, I visited Bethel for the first time. I was given a chance to share at the school of ministry, which at that time was very small. They took an offering for me and I was blessed beyond words. I always knew that I would re-connect with the community there one day.

A Month in Redding, CA (Sept.-Oct., 2011)

From September - October 2011, I spent the month in Redding and loved it! I was blessed to stay with Yvonne who was one from the team sent from Bethel to Camp 2000 in Mozambique over 10 years before. However, I was still was without a car and nothing seemed to be opening up for jobs. I returned to Orange County in mid-October for a wedding and considered staying there to set up my new life. While there, I really struggled because my heart was still in Redding and I felt the pull very strongly to return. I also was given the choice to be ordained by Heidi Baker at her house in Redding on New Year’s Eve or at any Iris conference the upcoming year. After a long struggle and an important conversation with my friend Ruthie, on November 22, 2011, I finally made the decision to go ahead with being ordained on New Years Eve at Heidi’s house in Redding. The very same day I decided to get ordained, I also decided it was time to release my next book, Water to Wine: Experiencing God’s Abundance in the Canary Islands, which I knew would be a word from the Lord that would help me make it through the challenging season I was about to face.

Ordination (12/31/2011)

I headed back up to Redding at the end of the year and was ordained on New Year’s Eve, surrounded by a beautiful community of kindred spirits. It was a very special night indeed.

I had only packed a small suitcase because I had a window of one month to see if I could stay there and if anything would open up. I was blessed to have a friend, Carrie, take me in for that time, which enabled me to explore staying in Redding more permanently. I slept on an air mattress for a month, was car-less (since I sold my car to go to England in 2007), got rides from people when I needed them, and had to walk at other times. One time I had to walk 5.5 miles to church when nothing opened up. Coming straight off of finishing my PhD in England, this was a very challenging season. God taught me how much I need community. This became a rich time in my life where I had the opportunity to intersect with so many special people in this new community.


I had a Dream (Jan. 19, 2012)

On January 19, 2012, God gave me a dream. You can see video where I describe my dream further down. In my dream, I went on a plane and explored the beautiful waters beneath where the lilies were not yet in bloom. I boarded the same plane a second time, and this time it was filled with people sleeping. These people had just went on strike and left everything to be there. Since they were all sleeping, I started waking everyone up and then I noticed they were not the same people I thought they were. We began to go on this exciting adventure to some foreign place and I remember being so excited because I knew the Holy Spirit was leading this plane. Everyone was in their own quarters doing what they were created to do. I remember wondering what these people would become in the process of this journey and that they would take on new identities as warriors.

Walking by Faith in the Midst of the Credit Crunch (Jan. 27, 2012)

Towards the end of January, it was time to move on to stay true to my housing commitment but nothing at all was opening up in relation to a car or place to live. I figured, if I had a car, that would be all I needed and I could be more flexible on where I lived. But nothing was opening up. On January 27th, I randomly got to do a radio interview for a Texas radio station and it captured my real faith struggle at that time. I openly shared that I had no idea where I would live the next week. In the interview one can hear how the Lord had given me supernatural faith to trust Him during this time challenging season. Here's a clip...

Towards the end of January with some others, I discovered a house that was going to be opened for rent in mid February. There was something special about this house that drew me in. I returned several times. I was drawn to this house and even shared my heart and a vision video with the owner, Brad, who spent over a year rebuilding the house. I asked if he would be willing to invest in me and my Silver to Gold dream even though at that time I had no job, no car, and very little money. He was actually open to the crazy idea. However, through a series of events, things were not coming together for the group of us to live there. Not long after talking with Brad, I found out that one of the original girls to be in the house was not feeling this was the fit for her and it didn’t look like it was going to happen. I needed to be out soon, so I started looking for alternatives places to live. It was during this time and when I was in this season that I recorded the following...

Saying "no" to the Silver without any Gold in sight (Feb. 1, 2012)

Then on the 31st of January, I found a bedroom available to rent which was a really good price and in a quiet neighborhood. This would have totally met my needs except that I was not allowed to have people over that often. But because I was in a crunch and needed to be out the next day, I was desperate. I said “yes” to the landlady before meeting the other people who would be my roommates. However, because I had just released Water to Wine which encourages people to press into and take hold of the abundant life God promised and to not settle for silver when God has destined them for gold, I said “no” to this provision. I did not have any back up plans. I had just given up everything to start my life here and I felt I needed to hold out. Thankfully, Carrie encouraged me not to make a rash decision and said that I could spend a few more days at her house until I could find the right fit. She was a true gift and it was her generosity that allowed me to explore my heart here.

Breakdown to Breakthrough (Feb. 2, 2012)

The house I wanted to live in wouldn’t be ready until mid-February so I needed to find an in-between place to stay if things worked out. On Thursday February 2nd, after the second day of spending all day researching and looking for a car and a place to live without any luck, I looked out the window of Hebrew’s coffee shop and watched my potential ride drive away. That was breaking point for me. I was done. I had no car and had not found a place live when I was supposed to be out 2 days before. I was about to carry my heavy computer and start walking the 5.5 miles back home even though it was already becoming dark. I was frustrated at God to say the least.

Then all of a sudden, a friend who was at my ordination, Rene, drove up. As soon as I saw him, I broke down. He prayed for me right there and told me that for some reason he felt led to come to church right at that time. Then, all of a sudden, literally within moments and out of the blue, I was surrounded by several friends, Madzia and her beautiful daughter Summer, and some others who just happened to be there right at that time. Several of them got on the phone to try and help me find a place to stay. In the midst of all of this happening, I remember that the sunset was absolutely gorgeous. I also got a response text from Heidi who had a room I could stay in while I was waiting to transition into the new place: from breakdown to breakthrough literally within moments.

Released to Dream Again

It was that same night and after all the pressure had lifted that I was released to dream again. It was when I knew I would have an in-between place to stay that I received the vision from the Lord about the specifics of the ministry He wanted to happen in the house I wanted to move into. The vision kept flooding my mind. It was after I said “no” to provision and stepped out by faith into the infinite abyss of uncertainty that this vision was dropped into my heart. It was after the breakthrough of a place to stay came that it was released. Thank God that vision was released, because it played a crucial role in what was about to happen the very next day. All this to say, sometimes it’s only after we say “no” to provision and contend for God’s best that the riches get revealed in the deepest places.

Not the answer I expected (Feb. 3, 2012)

The very next day, on Friday, February 3rd, I decided to call Brad and tell him that I am in for sure for the house. I had one girl committed to move in with me, although we still would need 1-2 others to make rent at this point in time. He told me that in the meantime, a pastor and his family came to see the place and agreed to pay the full rent and also provide all their own furniture. Brad had to choose between me, who was without a job at that point, had no furniture, no car, and who was asking for a discounted rent - or the pastor. I shared with him the vision of what we were going to use the house for that I received the night before and I urged him to give me the house. He said he was going to pray about it. At this point, while I released it to God, I had absolutely no control over the situation. I was forced to surrender the house once again to the Lord, while at the same time fully believing it was part of my destiny and something I needed to contend for.

Breakthrough Bench

That same day I ended up doing my weekly Silver to Gold meeting with LaChelle, who was interning with me at the time. I decided we should go walk the Sacramento River trail. While there, we prayed over the house and the situation. It was while we were praying that I got a voice mail from Brad. He had been praying and even called Bethel to learn more about Iris Ministries. He decided that he wanted to let me rent the house and that he would also like to sow into this ministry. He also said that he had never done anything like this in his entire life! At this point it was only me and one other girl. Praise God! We got the house, now just had to figure out how to pay for it.

Destiny Group for Writers (Feb. 4, 2012)

The very next day, Saturday February 4th, I did the first Silver to Gold Destiny Group for Writers at a coffee shop which went really well. I remember sharing how important it is to live the message in the books one releases. This later developed into workshops and eventually a book called Writing in the Glory: Living from Your Heart to Release a Book that will Impact the World. It was there that I met for the very first time, a girl from Scotland named Jo. I found out she lived just below where I was going to move in which was very cool! She was also very interested in learning more about Carrie Judd Montgomery. Part of the purpose and foundations for the house I wanted to start is based on Carrie Judd Montgomery’s healing home in Oakland, The Home of Peace.

Car Hunting

I was also on my car hunt during this whole process which seemed to take forever. A friend who I had met at my ordination, Kris, was helping me look one day. While driving me to test drive a car, I started sharing with him about the house. I told him how it used to be a church. I shared how when Brad was remodeling it, he picked up the carpet on the bottom floor and saw that someone had painted Bible verses and blessed all the corners of the house; they even painted a river of life. Kris listened quietly to my excitement about the house I felt God was leading me to before sharing that he used to live there when it was called the Kabod House (means “Glory” in Hebrew). He was one of the people who helped to paint the verses on the floor! He said that there were times when the “glory cloud” even appeared in the house when they were praying. I have also found out that many know about this house and have had significant God encounters here. There is much more history to be unfolded; just ask about the story behind the painting above our fireplace! But for now, I will mainly keep with my own journey. Below is one a clip from one of the guys who lived here a few years before...

Bill Johnson's Desk (Feb. 5, 2012)

The house was not ready until mid-February and I was still in my transitional housing. It was there that I was working on finalizing the manuscript of all my 4 years PhD research for the book called Life on Wings: The Forgotten Life and Theology of Carrie Judd Montgomery. I found out after I finished, that the desk I had been working on to finalize this very important work used to belong to Bill Johnson! I was very happy for my work to soak up his anointing! Who knows, maybe the Lord even led me to that place just for that reason. It was also in that same place, after hearing Mario Murillo preach on Superbowl Sunday, that I had one of the most intense times of my life calling out to God to break me into my destiny. I remember Mario urged us, saying "He who spared not His own Son, how could He not...He who gets the Son of God gets everything else...You are ready. Take it, take it, Take it!" 

Blindsided (Feb. 13, 2012)

Move in date was to be Valentine’s Day and I still only had one other girl ready to move in. I still believed this house was from God. The afternoon before move in date, I received a voicemail from the only other person who was committed to move in with me. She ended up deciding it was not going to be a good fit for her. Hearing that the day before the move took me by surprise. It felt like someone ran over me with a train. So there I was, the day before I was due to move in and I was all alone. (P.S. I love this girl and we are still very much in each others lives!)

Was I Making the Biggest Mistake of My Life?

Was I out of God’s timing, was I going to be able to pull this off financially? I had no desire to fall into major debt or to put Brad in an awkward situation. However, as I sat there, there was this deep sense that this house was still God’s and that I needed to contend for it. If I had unlimited resources, I would move into this house in a heartbeat and fulfill the vision God had given me. Likely for the first time in my life, rather than freak out or get upset or give up, I sat there and contended. I literally did everything just to stand in faith in relation to this house and continue to move forward regardless of the circumstances. I asked God just for one other person to be with me in this; just one was all I needed because this burden was getting to heavy to carry alone.

After about 20 minutes of struggling to stand in faith, I got a call from someone I had never met before named Rachel. She had heard about the house from a friend Mili, who I had met at an Iris prayer time. She was trying to find a place in Redding for months so she could move up. Because she was passionate about the vision and because of the timing, I knew it was the Lord. She was in. Move in date was February 16th now and she was going to move in the week after. I had already said “no” to several others interested in moving in because they didn’t share the special vision God had given me.

More than a Cash Transaction (Feb. 16, 2012)

On February 16th, I went to the bank with my friend Nicol who was a very big support during this whole process. I took out money I had set aside for my car and paid the whole deposit by myself for the house. In this process, I was shaking like I was on my ordination night. There was a spiritual transaction taking place when I took out the money. It literally felt like I was walking into a new level. It was a spiritual interchange. I moved in that day with Rachel due to move in the next week. We still needed a couple more roommates to cover the rent.

Birthday Celebration (Feb. 18, 2012)

My birthday was Saturday February 18th and I wanted to have people over at the house to set it apart and anoint it for God’s purposes. I felt that God would release the other person called to be a part of this ministry, likely someone I did not know, during that time. After sharing the vision and dream I had, I called all to stand who felt the Lord leading them to be a part of this ministry. It was so beautiful to see many at the gathering step forward and step into this ministry.

Shortly after this call, a girl named Kirsten came up to me and told me that she had been fasting and praying for something exactly like this. She wanted to move in but was still in another 3 month commitment somewhere else. Earlier when she walked into the gathering while were all praying for Brad, I could feel the fire of God on her and I knew that there was something special about her. When we were talking, I felt she was supposed to be a part of this ministry. I remember thinking that the time is now, not in 3 months, because the "plane" is taking off. I didn’t say that to her though. I figured it is God’s house and ministry, and I am just along for the ride, so I will let Him do that. It turned out that she found a replacement and even before Rachel was to move in that weekend, things freed up for Kirsten to move in a few days after I had met her! It’s very cool to watch the video and to actually see this process of God speaking to Kirsten right before our eyes...

In agreement with everyone in the house, we felt that we were to set aside the master and nicest bedroom for the missionaries and leaders God would send. We want to bless those on front lines serving the King and we want this to be a place where they can be blessed, honored, and celebrated for all the work in the kingdom they are doing. We believe that people will experience breakthrough into destiny, healing, and blessing through His presence in this place.

Furniture also got released in abundance. We received a special couch that was given to us during the anointing service from Mili! Special thanks to Brad, Peggy, The Home of Peace, and the others who also blessed us with furniture. The very first donation came from Carrie Judd Montgomery’s healing home, the Home of Peace in Oakland!

Missionary friends who have heard of what God is doing have also literally given all the money they have to sacrificially to sow into God’s work here. We have already had people prophesy about other Destiny Homes being planted in the future. God is definitely on the move here. I literally have no idea where this is going. I am just trying to hang on and enjoy the ride!

We are so blessed to having received so many gifts for this house besides a couch brought to us during the anointing service (thanks Mili!). The very first donation came from Carrie Judd Montgomery’s healing home, the Home of Peace in Oakland. Missionary friends hearing what God is doing have also literally given all the money they have so sacrificially to sow into God’s work here. We already have had people prophecy about planting further Destiny Homes in the future. God is definitely on the move here and I literally have no idea where this is going but I am just trying to enjoy the ride and hang on! Here's some of Brad's story below...

Placer Street (March 9, 2012)

On March 9th, during our Friday morning prayer time, Kirsten, Rachel, and I were interested in learning what the meaning of our street name (Placer) was and if there was any significance. We discovered it had something to do with mining. I immediately connected it to Brad and how he saw the gold here and spent such a labor of love to bring it out in rebuilding this house. It also made me think of my life message in Silver to Gold  and about Carrie Judd Montgomery and how I had to dig to find the gold in her forgotten story. 

Life on Wings

I felt I really needed to share with the girls my all time favorite sermon by Carrie Judd Montgomery because she talks about mining for gold in it. Gold Street is just around the corner from us as well! The title of her 1910 sermon, “Life on Wings,” is actually the same name I gave for the book I was in the process of releasing. It’s also my favorite sermon because it highlights what’s at the heart of Silver to Gold and releasing people into their destinies. As we were listening to the sermon (which I had read and recorded while I was in England), there is a part where she mentioned the work of mining and she actually referenced “Placer” mines. That is the exact name of our street! I am continually blown away in how God ties everything together so perfectly and beautifully. It almost feels like all this was planned a hundred of years ago and I simply got to fall into His wonderful plan for my life here!

You can listen to Carrie Judd Montgomery's sermon HERE
And here's the excerpt that stood out...

“In California we have many gold mines even yet, although they are not so plentiful as they used to be. There are two kinds of mines: one is the placer mine which contains the loose gold mingled with the sand and which therefore can easily be separated; the other is a quartz mine, where the gold is in the rock…Now God is after the gold in us. “I counsel thee to buy of Me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayst be rich.” Carrie Judd Montgomery 1910


We Must Contend for Abundance

I will be honest with you, moving towards what has now become known as the Destiny House was one of the hardest things I have had to contend for in my life. But, I know all of the wonderful things the Lord will do here will be more than amazing. He already has done so much! I hope this account encourages all to press on for God’s best and the destiny He is longing to pour out. I hope it also brings some reality to the table that moving into one’s destiny does not always, or maybe never, comes easy.

Many times, maybe all times, destiny lies on the other side of great challenge and struggle. Provision comes more easily at times. However destiny - God’s best, the gold, and His abundance for our lives - has to be sought, contended for, taken hold of, and pursued, regardless of the cost. Sometimes this process looks like resting in Him and sometimes it looks like contending at all costs for something you “think” could be Him.

Water to Wine

Writing and releasing Water to Wine helped compel me to say "no" to provision so that I could move forward into His abundance. Let me quoteWater to Wine where this theme comes alive even more: “Where there is no risk, there is no pain. Even more importantly, abundance in almost all situations lies on the other side of risk.” Thanks for joining me on this wild journey. Until next time, I will leave you with one of my favorite prayers from Carrie Judd Montgomery taken from the very same sermon where she mentions the street name where Destiny House resides:

"Now, who is going to trust God for the winged life? You can crawl instead if you wish. God will even bless you if you crawl; He will do the best He can for you, but oh how much better to avail ourselves of our wonderful privileges in Christ and to “mount up with wings as eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint.” O beloved friends, there is a life on wings. I feel the streams of His life fill me and permeate my mortal frame from my head to my feet, until no words are adequate to describe it. I can only make a few bungling attempts to tell you what it is like and ask the Lord to reveal to you the rest. May He reveal to you your inheritance in Christ Jesus so that you will press on and get all that He has for you."

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