We seek to worship God in all circumstances (2 Chronicles 20) and to host His presence well. We believe that the keys to our destiny are released through intimacy with Him and through the body of Christ. This lived out looks like hosting a weekly worship time together as family where the only agenda is to adore Jesus together (Psalm 27).


We seek to honor God, each other, and the ones God brings to us. We want to grow in deeper connection with our tribe by intentionally sharing life together (whether living in the same house or not). This lived out looks like meeting at least once a week to share a meal and gather for the purpose of knowing and being known (Acts 2). The key is to create a safe place to be vulnerable, minister to one another, and be fully present.


We seek to create space for and empower each one to fulfill their God-given destinies as well as steward the power of the testimony. We believe that as we abide in God's presence and grow closer to each other that the keys of our destiny are released (Ephesians 3:14-21). When this happens, people naturally are launched into a greater measure of their destiny.


We seek to burn for Jesus with wholehearted surrender and yieldedness to Him. We believe, that like the Levite tribe of worshipers, we are called to steward the fire in our hearts and keep it burning day and night (Leviticus 6:8-13). We are called to remain full of the oil (Matthew 25:1-13). This cultivated in our lives besides a rhythm of consistently meeting together also includes fasting together as a community.                                      

Core Values


We believe that everyone is a gift to this world and that they have something special to share. We seek to facilitate environments where people can express their creativity in their specific and unique ways (Ephesians 2:10).

Risk Taking                               

We believe that in the process of people taking risks towards following their hearts that they are awakened to become more of the person they are created to be. The term “failure” does not exist here (Romans 8:28).


And finally, Integrity is proved over time as people stay committed to a common vision. We seek to model and integrate people into our team who have high levels of this, those who are willing to pay a price to stay true to themselves and their convictions. The original meaning of the word "passion" comes from the same word for "suffering." We are not afraid to pay a price for what we believe in.