Are you ready for a life changing encounter with God?



“Walking on Water was written by one of my awesome spiritual daughters. As you open wide to receive her message, you will be marked by God's great love. Jesus is so worth our yes. He is longing for all of our worship. I bless you to be ignited for a fresh fire for intimacy with Jesus as you embark on this journey with the Holy Spirit in Walking on Water. Heidi Baker, founding director, Iris Global”

Heidi Baker, Founding Director of Iris Global

“I want to encourage you to consider reading a book, Walking on Water by Jennifer Miskov. The heart that Jennifer has is to bring us into a place of real first love relationship with Jesus. This book is a challenge to walk in the impossible. She does a brilliant job in her own lifestyle and in writing in connecting a life of the impossible with intimacy with God. My prayer is that in reading this, God would deeply impact you, me, all of us in our affection for Jesus, our drawing near, and trusting Him to see Him invade the things are that absolutely impossible. That’s my prayer, that’s my blessing. I encourage you to pick up this book.”

Bill Johnson, Pastor of Bethel Church Redding

This Encounter E-course is for pioneers and burning ones

I put this course together to fan the flame of revival inside of pioneers, leaders, revivalists, missionaries, set apart ones, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, adventurers, students, grandmothers, and anyone who is hungry to encounter more of God and wants to live a life of revival fire.


You will learn

  • How to cultivate intimacy and encounter more of God

  • How to steward peace

  • How to burn with revival fire

  • How to embrace truth that will set you free

  • How to find your tribe

  • How to overcome fear to step into your destiny

  • How to be baptized with the Holy Spirit

  • How to Pioneer into new territories

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Journey Deeper into the Heart of God

Join Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D. on a journey deeper into the heart of God. Based on her book Walking on Water: Experiencing a Life of Miracles, Courageous Faith & Union with God, Jen shares her heart and story in a way that will compel you to burn for Jesus like never before and step into the fullness of your destiny.


What can you can expect in the Encounter Sessions with Jen

  • Over 4 hours of Teaching, Personal Stories, Revival History, Prayer, Impartation, Encounter time, Activations, Questions for Reflection

  • While most teachings are anywhere from 15-40 minutes long, we suggest to set aside one hour for each Encounter session to give time to process, reflect, encounter God, and go through the extra material, as you feel led. We highly encourage doing this course with a friend or in a group and it can be done as a 6-8 week journey or at your own rhythm.

Course Overview

Bonus Material

  • Prayers by Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Lou Engle

  • Encounter session on Fasting

  • Extended Q & A about Destiny House

  • Destiny House Worship Session

This E-course includes

  • Fasting E-course

  • Secret Place E-course

  • Destiny Houe E-course


  • The Secret Place: Developing Intimacy with God  

  • Peace in the Storm: Stewarding Peace

  • The Art of Letting Go: Surrender Positions for the Fire 

  • Focus: Revival Fire

  • Follow Your Heart: There are Seeds of Destiny Inside You

  • Miracle Flight: Stepping out in Faith with family 

  • Family: Find Your Tribe, Find Your Destiny

  • Hunger: Positioning for a Fresh Baptism of the Holy Spirit

  • Courage: Launching into the New Season



$99 per person or group discounts as low as $49 per person (see below)



We believe that family accelerates growth and that you will get a lot more out of this course by doing it together with a friend or in a group. In light of this we have significantly reduced the regular price ($99) to as low as $49 per person if you do the course together in groups. You can also purchase this to give as a gift. Learn more here. Email us at if you have any questions or need assistance.